Forecast Discussion:

Well, thanks to the cold front temperatures have returned to normal. That will be short lived though, as warming commerces as we hit the weekend. I think 70 is not out of the question Sat-Mon, but opted to go slightly cooler given trends the past few days. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get to 70 and maybe even 71-72 though.

All good things come to an end though as strong cold front still on track for late Monday and into early Tuesday. Went ahead and put a 20% for mainly after 7PM. As strong as a front this is, could easily get a few raindrops out of it. Cold rain and potentially some, dare I say it, snow for parts of NW OK.  Short thermometer Tuesday (Will only warm a few degrees) and we stay cold throughout the rest of the week.
Have a great Friday! – Jordan Overton

Forecast Video: