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Oklahoma residents are putting up a fight against a proposed turnpike route, a recent Russian attack causes outrage within NATO and strong winds puts Oklahoma in another fire threat.

with Dana Searles, Bella Roddy, Kolby Terrell, Peyton Galyean, Dacoda McDowell-Wahpekeche, Parker Abels, Madeline Hunter, and Shannon Ehrhardt. • Website:​​​​• Twitter:​​​​• Facebook:​

Russia continues to invade Ukraine, an update from the White House regarding masking, and Oklahoma’s death penalty is scrutinized in a federal trial.

with Kaleigh Tingelstad, Audrey Goodson, Zaria Oates, Jayden Brannon, Jaden Knowles, Ashley Van de Velde, Brady Blackstock, Addie Crawford, Liv Walbeck, and Harry Robinson. • Website: • Twitter: • Facebook: