Maintaining OU’s campus despite budget cuts in recent years

OU Landscaping’s department has seen major budget cuts in recent years.

Despite the setbacks, we uncover what part landscaping plays in attracting new students to OU.

Students pass by OU’s landscaping team every day working hard, 40 hours a week, and keeping campus in shape, but how much does this work affect new student recruitment? 

“Environment does play a really big role in having tours. A lot of feedback we receive from guests as well as how beautiful the campus is,” said Marissa Henderson the Associate Director of Recruitment.

“One of the things about campus really draws students in is the ability of this campus, the way they set it up, the work they put into it to foster the moments that students have together, and without the work put in they wouldn’t see the community students have when they come to OU,” said Chad Kuwitzky an OU Tour Guide

In 2017, landscaping suffered over 80 thousand in budget cuts. 

“We were not in control of our budget landscape,”said Tammie Mitchell an OU Landscape Specialist. 

And experienced several layoffs in 2018.

“We’re still losing people. A lot of people have retired that we haven’t replaced yet, but we’re on an upswing now,” said Mitchell. 

Long time OU Gardner Tammie Mitchell has optimism under OU’s new president Joseph Harroz.

“Made us stop and think of how we were doing things and how to improve how we’re doing things,” said Mitchell. 

After 26 years of maintaining OU’s image Mitchell says she’s loved every day of it and it doesn’t change the way she likes the job. 

Mitchell says, in the end, it’s for the students.

Mitchell says the budget has not been restored, but remains hopeful for increased support in the future. 

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