New turnpike causing issues for local businesses in Norman.

With a new turnpike coming to the area, many businesses are in jeopardy of losing their property.

Atkinsons farms sits on 50-acres of land and is home to around 3 million bees. The turnpike proposed to come to the area will take off the eastern and southern edges of their property. Meaning they will lose around ten acres of their land.

“My wife and I have really just fallen in love with this place and there is lots of people like my next-door neighbor that have been here a lot longer than I have. And he says it’s his prized possession,” said Gary Atkinson, owner, and beekeeper at Atkinson farm. 

While they’re expected to be compensated for the land lost, it’s the damage to the bees as well as other wildlife they are worried about.

“I mean we just keep taking these habitats and these are delicate habitats that there are not a lot of them left. I mean we got to quit displacing wildlife at some point especially when I think we can do it other ways,” said Atkinson. 

The Atkinson’s use the honey as income and they even had plans to build on the land, now they aren’t exactly sure.

“The noise will be a big factor for the bees uh the bees uh will not like the vibrations. It would make my business a lot harder,” said Atkinson. 

The Atkinson’s searched for seven years for land that was close enough to Oklahoma City but still enough land to house their honey bees. They just bought this land in 2021, it’s possible that part of it can be taken.

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