Public School Rally

Oklahoma Public School parents and teachers are coming together today to fight for their schools at the State Capitol for public education week.

Keeping public dollars in public schools is the theme at the Oklahoma State Capitol where school advocates gathered to send a message to lawmakers. 

“In rural areas it’s very difficult to receive the services that children and families need so we are looking at places as well but in particular, today and our biggest focus right now is of course the big gorilla in the room with the private school choice voucher bills.”

One bill that is concerning Oklahoma education advocates is the empowerment act. The act would provide private schools with state funding.

Jade, a 5th grader who attends Will Rogers elementary school in Shawnee, Oklahoma, wishes there were better desks, more books and less overcrowding in the classroom.      “Sometimes kids like if we don’t like have like our teacher there, they come in our class”

According to the education data initiative, as of February 2021, Oklahoma’s public education spending is ranked 48th in the U.S. 

“The public schools are the glory of our democracy. It’s like the stable ground where all kids from all races, from all nationalities, from all religions, from all political leaning households come together and find common ground.”

One of the biggest things looking forward for all public education advocates is more supporters.

Reporting from the state capitol, Morgan Owens OU Nightly.

Public education week is being hosted by the Oklahoma Education Association and takes place all this week.  

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