Flower Shortage

Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists and with supply shortages and delayed deliveries, it may be difficult to get a custom bouquet for your special someone. 

A bouquet of roses is at the top of everyone’s shopping list on Valentines day. But as the global supply chain crisis continues to create product shortages, there may not be enough roses to go around.

“When I look on Facebook to other florists across the nation, it’s affected them a lot more. Not only flowers, but because of Covid, we can’t get our supplies.”

  The disruption of the supply chain has not only affected production, but transportation as well.

“There has not been as many flights because there are not as many workers. So there’s a lot of flower production firms in South America and europe and other places where wholesalers source their flowers, however there’s not enough flights to get the flowers to the correct locations.”

As of now, white roses are the hardest to come by in the Oklahoma area, but florists are still able to provide a variety of flowers.

“Since we live in a big city we have lots of choices, if you were in a small town in a remote part of the state or country, I don’t know but we have several to choose from”

High demand also creates inflation in flower prices and in some areas of the country, a bouquet of red roses may cost you up to one hundred dollars.

So when you head to the flower shop to get an arrangement for your significant other, be prepared for  a larger price tag. Florists predict the shortage will also impact Mother’s Day and are encouraging customers to order ahead.

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