Chocolate Inflation

The business of love costs big bucks. According to Fox Business, on average consumers will spend $175 on Valentine’s Day gifts. Whether that be chocolate, flowers or dinner, people dig deep in the name of love.

Apple Tree Chocolate on Main Street is in their busiest season selling Valentine’s Day treats. Chocolate covered strawberries and custom made truffle boxes are just two of the specials going on.

“It’s definitely been busy enough where we have been working on strawberry pre orders and orders in general for like two and a half weeks”

This year may look a little different with inflation increasing chocolate prices. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting an almost one percent increase in food within the last month.

“I know there are a lot of people that do chocolate stuff for Valentine’s Day. I think we do a lot cheaper but there’s a lot of expensive stuff out there.”

Norman resident Scott backs shops yearly at Apple tree chocolate to support the local business but has yet to notice a price difference.

“I’m not worried about the price because I know the quality I’m getting here makes it worth it.” As inflation continues to sore, the hopes for local business support does as well.

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