OU Student’s excited for the Union’s new Starbucks

Starbucks has been providing beverages and food options to students in the Union for years. But the coffee giants’ new Student Union location should give students a more enjoyable experience while they sip their cup of java.

“There’s a lot more room for people to go in, and it’s not so crammed together. The lines not gonna be going out thru the hall,” said OU student, Kaley Adams.

Students are eagerly awaiting the new and bigger location that will be opening up soon just down the hallway from its old location in the union. Adding spots for students to meet, study and collaborate.

“Personally, I am very excited and about the community aspect that the bigger Starbucks will be bringing to campus, I think it’s a great opportunity to meet with more people,” said Laure Roberts, an OU student. 

Starbucks fans and the OU community see the opening of this new location being beneficial for students on campus

“Being a bigger space for a lot of students to not just get their beverages like this but have a space to lounge, relax, It’s always good for a college campus,” said OU student, Travis Ligthsay. 

An opening day has not been set. The new Starbucks is still being stocked. The original location is still open for regular hours through the end of this week.

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