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Veteran-owned brewery works to support veterans around Norman

by Ben Thomas

When Crossed Cannon Brewery arrived to Campus Corner, one thing stood out: it is veteran-owned.

Beau Solis, a former United States Marine, and his wife Katie opened Crossed Cannon Brewery after he returned from deployment. Once he was back, Beau came across the art of brewing beers and has now made a living off of it.

“Her brother-in-law came in and told me about all these beer kits and how awesome they are,” said Crossed Cannon Brewery owner Beau Salois. “I home brewed for about 8 years, winning various competitions and things of that nature. So, the love of beer just really grew from there.” 

Being veteran owned, Crossed Cannon Brewery has become a hotspot for veterans and military personnel along with the Norman community. The brewery has been able to give veterans a place to work, or to simply come hang out and drink.

“We stumbled upon a couple of us that are veterans, you know we all went here to OU, we stumbled upon the bar and was sitting here with a couple friends, and I asked them you need help?” said Beertender and Veteran Angel Jacquez. “And they were like ok and ever since then it’s been a really good, good thing for me here.” 

But beyond the brewery having military ties, Crossed Cannons wants to do their part by supporting veterans and the military anyway they can. 

“We actually just instated a veteran board here so people can come in and buy a beer for a veteran,” said Salois. “And um, we put it up on the board so if you’re a veteran, you can come in and have a free beer have a couple, and really relax and enjoy here.” 

Crossed Cannon Brewery is making a name for itself on Campus Corner and looks to continue to give back to our brave service men and women one beer at a time.

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