Inflation Prices Update

Some of your favorite snacks like Oreos and Mac-n-Cheese are going to cost you more next year.

Mondelez CEO said to combat inflation, its plan is to raise prices by 7% on brands like Chips Ahoy, Ritz and Sour Patch Kids.

Kraft sent out letters to distributors indicating plans to raise prices by 16% to 20%. Grocery shopping is now more difficult for one young mom on a budget.

“Having a one-year-old and me being in school myself I have a set price for groceries every week and that’s my budget. Whenever the inflation causes all of the mac-n-cheese to go up a dollar and all these other things my budget gets smaller and smaller and smaller. i’m having to prepare a meal not just for myself but for my toddler,” said parent Madelyn Hinnet.

The companies warned prices on hundreds of its products will go up next year.

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