Astroworld Festival Tragedy

Tragedy struck at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston over the weekend, resulting in at least eight deaths.

OU Nightly’s Deyton Deller has the story and what some OU students experienced.

Minutes into the show, chaos.

Over 50,000 in the crowd, among them, two Oklahoma students.

“The whole time, the concert felt like a cage. The exiting felt like cage. It all felt like a cage. Not being able to breathe, sent people to the hospital because it was just so frightening,” said concert attendee, Sophie Synek. 

Synek says concertgoers were crushed and trampled.

Lack of paramedics forced attendees like OU student Michael Bishop to perform CPR on others around him.

“You felt like you had these people’s lives in your hands. If i didn’t do it right or do it in a timely fashion, they would have died. They had friends and family that were watching me. I just felt like I had to step up and do something because who else was going to,” said concert attendee, Michael Bishop. 

Many factors contributed to the madness, but he doesn’t think there is one thing to blame…saying quote it was a tragedy solely based on overcrowding.

Bishop says under him, bodies getting trampled to death by the feet of those trying to stay up.

He feels blessed to be alive as many weren’t so lucky.

Scott posted a statement to Twitter saying “I’m absolutely devastated by what took place.”

Lawsuits against Travis and concert organizer Livenation have been filed as the cause of the surge remains under investigation.

Announced today, Scott says he will be refunding all Astroworld ticket buyers, covering the funeral costs for those deceased, and will be partnering with better-help to offer free mental health services for those experiencing trauma from the event.

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