John Grant Execution

Yesterday at 4:21 in the afternoon, John Marion Grant was pronounced dead.  The Department of Corrections says his execution was carried out without complication but eyewitness accounts tell a different story.

  “As the drugs began to flow, the first drug of Midazolam, he exhaled deeply, he began convulsing about two dozen times. Full body convulsions.”

  Sarah Jernigan, John Grant’s attorney, released a statement saying that Oklahoma did not provide Grant with competent attorneys and that she prays John Grant is at peace now.

  Many notable officials also commented on John Grant’s execution including the governor and the attorney general. Governor Stitt says that the Deparment of Corrections carried out the law and delivered justice to Gay Carter’s family, the woman Grant was found guilty of murdering.  Attorney General John O’Connor says that he prays the family of Gay Carter might be able to find some peace. But those who believe the law was carried out correctly were not met without opposition.

  “I’ve never seen an inmate vomit. I’ve witnessed about 14 executions. So, I’ve never witnessed that before.”

  Reverend Paul Coakley, the Archbishop of Oklahoma City, said that he believes that “All human life is sacred no matter how serious the crime committed. We do not forfeit the inherent dignity bestowed upon us by our creator.”

Dale Baich, attorney for Juliuis Jones, called for a halt to all cases involving the death penalty until the trial in February addressing execution protocol. Saying that Oklahoma’s problematic injection protocol meant that “The Supreme Court should not have lifted the stay.”

The Supreme Court’s decision to lift the stay of execution will also affect the Julius Jones case. His clemency hearing is now set for Monday after Governor Stitt already denied him commutation. Jones’ execution is currently set for Thursday, November 18th – less than a month away. Now, that clemency hearing will determine what will happen next for Jones, but with the hearing approaching so quickly his legal team was not available for comment.

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