US Supreme Court lifts John Grant’s stay of execution

The United States Supreme Court put 60-year-old John Marion Grant’s execution back into motion Thursday. 

The high court lifted a stay of execution that was in place for Grant and another death row inmate, Julius Jones. The stay occured because of a lawsuit challenging the state’s lethal injection protocol, arguing that the three-drug cocktail Oklahoma uses for executions causes unconstitutional pain and suffering.

The 10th Circuit Court ruled Wednesday that Grant was part of that lawsuit, and his execution should not be carried out today. However, an appeal by the state of Oklahoma overruled that.

Grant was originally in prison for several armed robberies when he stabbed a prison cafeteria worker in 1998, which led to his death sentence. 

The next execution in Oklahoma is set for November 18th, when Julius Jones is set to die. He has a clemency hearing on Monday that could spare his life.

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