New developments in the Julius Jones case as his clemency hearing has been moved

Even though the clemency trial for Julius Jones was moved to next week, supporters still gathered for a vigil and a march this morning. The clemency hearing was rescheduled to Monday, November 1st at 9 a.m.
The hearing was rescheduled “in order to allow pending appeals to be resolved before proceeding” according to the Pardon and Parole Board Director, Tom Bates.
This comes after a federal judge rejected a request yesterday for a stay of execution of five death row inmates, one of them, Jones.
“We will be asking the tenth circuit to review Judge Friot’s decision and to issue a stay of Mr. Grant’s execution as well as the other executions scheduled in the coming months.” says Federal Public Defender, Dale Baich.
While the stay of execution was denied, there are still pending appeals and supporters of Jones are still hopeful the clemency hearing will go in Julius’ favor.
“We will not be deterred. We proclaim to the Governor, we proclaim to the Clemency Board, we proclaim to the Parole Board that the power has been taken from you, and we put it back in the people’s hands.” says pastor, Michael McBride.
We believe that this Pardon and Parole Board and the Governor have an incredible opportunity here to right a wrong and that’s really what justice means. We’ve waited a long time and Julius has waited the longest.” says Julius Jones’ supporter, CeCe Jones-Davis.
“When you’re weak you’re strong, it’s just different doors that have been open that i didn’t see or know and it’s beautiful.” says Julius Jones’ mother Madeline Davis-Jones.
Organizers say that there is nothing currently planned before the clemency hearing next Monday, but they are sure there will be something planned before then.

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