Lawyers work to prevent or delay Julius Jones’ execution

Lawyers for Julius Jones are working overtime to pause or even stop his execution.

Today attorneys for Jones and three other death row inmates asked a federal court for a temporary execution delay. They claim the state promised to complete the inmates’ cases before the executions, and that their 8th Amendment rights were being violated.

The judge in this case has set a hearing for Monday morning at nine, one day before Julius Jones is set to have a clemency hearing. That’s because the state plans to use the same drug cocktail for the executions that was last used 6 years ago when an inmate put to death suffered extreme reactions and, according to witnesses, a painful death.

Several celebrities including OU graduates Baker Mayfield and Blake Griffin along with many Hollywood notables have spoken out for a campaign known as Justice for Julius.

Jones’ family says he did not receive a fair trial and that not all of the evidence in the case was presented.

The family of Paul Howell, the man who was murdered in this case, says they believe justice was achieved in the trial and that Jones should be put to death.

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