A member of the Oklahoma Senate proposed to keep Oklahoma in daylight savings time

Earlier today a member of the Oklahoma Senate made an interesting proposal to keep Oklahoma in daylight savings time.
“There are tons of reasons why Oklahoma should be taking a good, hard look at getting this across the finish line.”
Oklahoma Senator Blake Stephens held an informational interim early Tuesday morning to propose locking the clock, Making daylight savings time the official time year-round for the state.
“The time has come for us to choose which course we want to get behind.” says Stephens.
The interim had multiple presenters, among them representatives of the Departments of Agriculture, health, mental health and commerce.
A large focus of the meeting was the effects that time changes have on a person’s mental health.
“I think we can all agree that time change, the falling back and the springing forward hurt us. Large studies have shown that any disruption to your circadian click or your bodies clock can lead to substance abuse or addiction disorder.” says the Director of Organizational Development, Susan Donnelly.
It was also shown that the time change can cause increases in depression, suicides as well as obesity and that staying with daylight savings time keeps the body more in sync.
“This proposal improves our quality of life over all health, be it mental or physical, tell me what that’s worth. Put a price on that.”
For the proposal to pass, it would need federal approval. However, there are other proposals in place like Florida Senator Rubio’s Sunshine Protection Act. Until the proposal is approved, Oklahoma will continue to follow the time change and shift back to central standard time on November 7th.

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