Del City Damage

Earlier this morning the roof of S and S Textiles blew off due to strong winds. The owner said, “It looked like a tornado hit, sometime early this morning, and it wrecked us pretty bad. So, we’re in the process of going through, see what we’re going to have to do.” For Jerry Goodrich and his neighbors the morning took an unexpected turn. “Looks like this is where the beam from the roof, adjacent roof come through. Looks like we got some roof damage.” At some point during last night’s storm the roof of Goodrich’s textile store flew off and hit neighboring businesses. “We’re going through, seeing what we can salvage.” The fellow business owners are in good spirits and look forward to the work of rebuilding. “Things happen…You just have to, you know, move on.” But this wasn’t the only place hit hard. “Outside of Will Rogers airport you can see the damage as well. In between hangars two and three you can even see a plane buried beneath debris.”A week’s worth of rare fall severe weather left its mark across central Oklahoma, but area residents vow to work together to quickly repair and rebuild.

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