Students discuss the return of OU’s homecoming celebrations

As the Sooners gear up for Homecoming this week, students reflect on a year without it after being cancelled due to COVID.

“I’ve been in Homecoming my all three years,” said Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Assistant Homecoming Director Chloe Cox. “Technically, I started my freshman year doing Rah! Rally and I’ve just continued all the way through, so we were sad that we didn’t have it last year.”

Over half of OU’s students haven’t experienced an in-person homecoming, so come rain or shine they refuse to miss out on all the excitement.

“Homecoming I think is the best just because it’s a fun dance we all come together to do it,” said Homecoming participant Connor Hildebrand. 

“All of my friends we’re all seniors so we made everyone do it and it’s been a really fun experience,” Cox said. 

Thousands of students, faculty and staff, along with more than 40 student organizations are working hard in preparation for this week’s activities.

“These past three weeks we’ve been practicing quite often three times this week and for like two to three hours,” said Homecoming participant Sean Calhoun. 

Another participant agreed, citing the demanding Homecoming schedule. 

“These past two weeks have been pretty hectic,” said Hildebrand. “Four days a week this week five days a week so these last two weeks are really important.”

To Homecoming Chair Alyson O’Shea, the time spent is worth it in the end. 

“The most exciting part of being Homecoming Chair is seeing the event come to life,” O’Shea said. 

The parade is one of Homecoming’s oldest traditions, so show your OU spirit and come watch this Saturday. The parade will make its procession down Boyd Street at 3:30, right before the Sooners take on TCU.

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