An Oklahoma organization works to change marijuana laws in the state

 From medicinal marijuana usage to recreational, cannabis laws are evolving drastically across the US, and the Oklahoma group Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action are making moves to legalize the substance for adults in the state.

Thursday at the MLK Library in Washington DC, the Just Cannabusiness Networking Event occured. Here, entrepreneurs gathered to figure out how to make the cannabis society a more equitable society for everyone. Just Cannabusiness is a networking series event hosted by DC's Department of Small and Local Business Development to bring more businesses selling legal marijuana, like Linda Greene's Anacostia Organics, to the district.

"We all have to work collaboratively to make our adult-use market and our cannabis market the absolute best,” said Chair of the DC Cannabis Trade Association Linda Greene. “All the eyes are on us. They are always on Washington DC."

All eyes being on DC rings true as ORCA -- Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action -- aims for State Question 818 to be on a 2022 Oklahoma ballot. S.Q. 818 will give Oklahomans the opportunity to legalize adult-use marijuana, and Jed Green, the Director of ORCA, says he doesn't think getting the votes will be an issue.  

"We got the votes, we just gotta make sure everyone remembers to show up and we'll get there,” said Green.
State Question 818 has to pass the open challenge period first.

"It will run through October 27th. During that period someone can challenge the constitutionality of the language of the question," Green said. 

Once the question passes the challenge period, ORCA will have 90 days to collect 178,000 signatures, but Jed Green says they're aiming for 250,000.

Oklahomans have about a year to decide which way you're going to vote on S.Q. 818 if it is on the ballot, but cannabis activists say the time to start understanding marijuana equity is now.
You can find more on State Question 818 and ORCA’s goals for responsible cannabis usage on their website at

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