Norman’s Food and Shelter are helping the less fortunate impacted by Sunday night’s storm

The hail from Sunday’s storm brought damage to all corners of Norman and while the city is working to recover, some people need a little more help.
“I had a conversation with a mom here who just had a little baby boy, and she said ‘I have no idea what I’m going to do, my car is completely destroyed.'” said Executive Director of Food & Shelter, April Heiple.
Six residents at Food and Shelter in Norman suffered hail damage to their cars and had no means to repair the damage. In a Facebook post yesterday, the shelter asked for $3,500 in donations to help with repairs. The fundraiser ended up raising almost $4,500 before closing earlier today.
That money is going to help repair resident’s cars just like these.
“I feel blessed, I feel excited and hopeful for these families here to know that our community cares about them. I went out and told one mom yesterday afternoon that we had already raised enough money to get her car repaired and she had her tiny little baby in her arms and just started weeping. It’s really happy tears, she was so relieved to know that she was going to have the help she needed.”
With more storms projected for tonight, the shelter along with the rest of Norman is preparing for more damage.
For those still wanting to help Food and Shelter, you can sign up to volunteer at their website

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