Norman Business Damages

Shattered windows and neon signs, broken light bulbs and debris, and glass filled sidewalks, that’s what Norman shop owners found Monday morning.
The historic sooner theatre studio, damaged. Along with other buildings on the south side of Main street.
“We obviously got some glass missing from several windows and a couple skylights that were knocked out and i’m pretty sure our roof is totaled” said Nancy Coggins, Sooner Theater PR & Development Director.
One small business owner is rejoicing as she found her pilates studio untouched by the storm.
“I’m very happy to report that I did not lose any windows in the storm last night and I’m really really grateful” said Sharin Wolfe, Norman Business Owner.
The first step is to call your insurance.
An agent at Garner Insurance made temporary repairs to an office window this morning and expects his phone to ring off the hook all day.
“It’s been a rough year here in Oklahoma as everybody knows, so good luck everybody. Hopefully we can get through this” said Jared Garner, Garner Insurance Agent.

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