Downtown Norman Fall Fest canceled for 2021

The Downtown Norman Fall Fest is canceled for the second year in a row. The event’s organizers announced the change in plans on their Facebook page and said planning has to start in early June to make it all happen

 One Normanite is upset at the news, saying fun events like these can provide an escape from tough times like the ones we’ve seen battling COVID.

“And if we lock everything down and we keep everything tight and everybody has to stay home, we’re just going to continue to see these mental issues continue to boil up,” said Authentic Connections Counseling owner Regina West Pereira. “We have got to have outlets for our community and if we can go to a ball game, why can’t we trick or treat?” 

The festival’s Facebook page says organizers hope the world will be in a better place next year when the festival is expected to return.

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