Oklahoma Abortion Hearing

The request for a temporary block on the near total abortion ban was denied at the Oklahoma County District Court.

“We are definitely experiencing an unprecedented attack on Roe v. Wade and Kacy. There’s no way to get around that. It’s a treacherous time to be a patient seeking abortion services,” said Rabia Muqaddam, Center of Reproductive Rights Staff Attorney.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, Oklahoma chapters of Planned Parenthood, and doctors filed a lawsuit to block five Oklahoma laws that ban and restrict abortion care before they take effect November 1st. 

“We are very disappointed in the ruling of the court today. We know that the requiremnts of the medication abortion laws that go in to place november one, as well as the OBGYN requirements are very harmful to Oklahomans. With an influx of Texas patients coming in, along with now these new restrictions, abortion access continues to be under attack,” said Tamya Cox-Tourne, American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director.

With the plaintiff’s request denied, over half of the availiable doctors performing abortions will be disqualified.

On Saturday, people across the country marched for women’s healthcare and reproductive rights.

At the Oklahoma State Capitol, there were hundreds of people including OU students and Oklahoma Senator, Connie Johnson.

“Just so many people who are tired of these needless restrictions and just want to be able to live their lives the way they want to live them. I mean that’s really all we want” said Alana Westfall, OKC Women’s March co-host. 

Judge Cindy Truong says the OBGYN and medication abortion ban, that will officially go into effect at the beginning of November, will instead protect women’s health.

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