OU Fall Food Drive for those in need

Starting Monday through October 8th, the OU Fall Food Drive is back to benefit OU’s campus community through the OU food pantry. The shelves are looking empty now, but by the end of the week the pantry hopes they will be fully stocked for those in need.
“To start this semester, we have been averaging over 90 people each week and in fact, over the last two weeks have hit numbers we have not seen since before COVID. We are getting back to our pre-pandemic numbers.” said OU Food Pantry’s Campus Care Coordinator, Matthew Marks.

Although numbers are dwindling following the COVID-19 pandemic, the need and support from the community still remains. Canned goods, boxed dinners, baby product and even clothing items are just a few things that are in high demand.

“Whether the need is big or small, there is a need. We want to be able to take care of them on our campus.” said Marks.
The pantry is part of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and together, they work to fight food insecurity for the state. In 2019, the pantry collected over six thousand pounds of food. They are hoping to collect even more this year, as well as increasing awareness through campus involvement.

“My main goal is to see as many offices, departments, organizations and individuals joining in to donate and to just be generous with the resources they have.” said OU Volunteer Coordinator, Vicky Bumgarner.

For those wanting to get involved, the pantry has created an Amazon Wish List, along with collection boxes in Walker Tower’s Xcetera and the Cross Market to donate. For more information on how to participate in fighting hunger here on campus, visit

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