OK Votes encourages students to register to vote

Today is national voter registration day and OU students are encouraging their peers to sign-up. Oklahoma Votes is a student organization focused on civic engagement. They set up tables in areas such as the South Oval and the Student Union. With the Norman mayor and City Council election approaching in February, Oklahoma Votes is encouraging every student to register. With students back on campus, the organization has reached a larger number of potential voters than last year.

“So we’ve seen a much bigger engagement, but one of the things that I’ve noticed this year is that a lot of our students are registered to vote already, which is great and that means we can get them connected on campus into groups that will help them be more civically engaged.” said OK Votes Civic Engagement Fellow, Taylor Broadbent.

You can sign up to vote at or follow @OK_Votes on Instagram for more information.

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