OU Student at the US Capitol during Jan. 6 Riots

A University of Oklahoma student allegedly partook in events at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Freshman Mya Cobb posted videos of the protest on her Snapchat story and appears to be standing on a rooftop in one clip.

OU Graduate Miranda Myers screen recorded the video’s and published them in the OU Buy & Sell GroupMe with a statement expressing frustration of the lack of discipline Cobb received. OUN obtained the screen recordings and screenshot of the conversation.

“She went to the coup on January 6. Sigma Phi Lambda nationals is trying to cover it up and two members of [executive] for OU’s chapter have stepped down because of it,” Myer said in the GroupMe.

Cobb responded in the chat admitting to attending, but says she “didn’t cause any violence” or enter the building and stated she was “where the security let us in on the steps (sic).”

OU Crimson Sweethearts released a statement temporary suspending the member from their organization, but now said they have no knowledge of the member being under any criminal investigations and have removed her from suspension. At this time, Crimson Sweethearts said she is not interested in reinstatement.

Cobb does not face any legal charges at this time.

OUN has not received any other statements yet. We will keep you posted.

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