Oklahoma City Extends Mask Mandate

While wearing a mask has become second nature to many, some are wondering just how much longer they’ll be a part of our everyday fashion.

Oklahoma City’s Tuesday vote to extend the mask mandate until December 7th had many Norman residents concerned about what’s next for our city.

Although the Norman mandate is still set to expire on the 30th of November, Mayor Breea Clark says they’ll re-evaluate the situation as it evolves.

“Obviously we’ll look at the status of everything and the data and recommendations at that time, so I can be very optimistic and say I hope we don’t have to, but I know that if we do, if it’s the safe thing to do, the council won’t hesitate to do so.”

Norman’s original mandate was set in July with a deadline of November 30th to encompass all of OU’s home football games.

We’ll keep you informed on updates concerning norman’s mask mandate as we receive more information.

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