80 OU Students may Lose the Opportunity to Study in Italy

Out of the 120 students in the President’s Leadership Class here at OU about 80 are selected to study abroad in Italy.

For those 80 students it is a dream come true and for some the only opportunity they will have to study abroad.

 Unfortunately, with the spread of the coronavirus it’s likely these students don’t get to see Arezzo.

With risks increasing and study abroad trips ending early, it is possible these students won’t experience the summer trip they have been waiting a year for.

“I already bought my plane tickets from here to Italy and everything and Italy and back and all in between. So as far as I know I’m still going and I’ll still be having my trip because I don’t want those plane tickets to go to waste. We’re at the point where we’re actually going to fly out and now it’s all falling apart it seems like, so it is definitely stressful to everyone involved.” – Ahmad Anwaruddin, PLC Student

As of right now, students are still expected to prepare for Arezzo, but with the continual spread of coronavirus it is simply a waiting game at this point.

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