Gaylord Strong

Words, Voices, Action. These are the three things The National Association of Black Journalists see as catalysts for change.

The NABJ hosted a meeting yesterday in response to the recent incident involving a Gaylord college professor using a racial slur in one of his classes.

During the meeting the NABJ announced they will be introducing an interactive way to unite Gaylord students and faculty.

The way they plan to do this is with ‘Gaylord Strong’.

“Gaylord Strong is not just another hashtag, but instead, a movement that focuses on the students first, their wellbeing, and their safety at the university and within Gaylord college.” NABJ president, Isiah Irby said.

The goal of ‘Gaylord Strong’ is to help Gaylord college can move forward from the incident becoming more diverse and culturally competent.

The NABJ has placed wristbands with the hashtag ‘Gaylord Strong’ around the college, and encourage students and faculty to pick up and wear it in support of solidarity against discrimination.

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