Parking Problems On Campus

It’s no secret that parking on OU’s campus is limited and most spots fill up mid morning on the weekdays.

With thousands of students commuting to campus every day, it is not driving that it is the challenge but rather, finding parking.

OU parking director Kris Glenn says that the struggles with commuter parking comes down to the record number of students enrolled at the University of Oklahoma this year.

Since there are more students live on and near campus there is more of a need for parking and as a result, OU has removed a level of commuter parking in the Jenkins parking garage.

As a result of the removal of spots in Jenkins, OU parking created ‘Parkview’.

Parkview is a parking lot down Lindsey street that offers upwards 500 parking spots for commuters.

However, Glenn says at its peak, Parkview only has around 80 spots filled each day.

Glenn also mentioned that two new commuter lots are set to open for the winter semester and over 300 new spots for commuters are on the way.

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