Teacher Arrest In Norman at Madison Elementary

Tuesday night Jessica Faircloth, a third grade teacher at Madison Elementary school in the NPS school district, was involved in a fender bender.

Police were called to the scene of the accident and when they arrived, they ran Faircloth’s tags and discovered an outstanding warrant for her her name in Cleveland county.

Police placed Faircloth under arrest, and she was asked if she had anything they needed to know about, after a search officers uncovered a baggie in her boot.

According to the Affidavit the contents of the baggie found was tested positive for Heroin.

Faircloth was charged with drug possession and two misdemeanors and was released on bail.

Norman Public School District released a statement following the arrest;

“We were notified that an employee was involved in a traffic accident outside of school that resulted in her arrest. During the course of our internal investigation the employee has resigned.”

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