Norman Community Helps Prepare New Library for Opening

People gathered in Andrews Park to take part in the Norman Central Library’s relocation to lend a helping hand, literally.

The new Norman Central Library received the first collection of fairy-tale novels. These were hand delivered Sunday, October 27th from the old location, all thanks to a massive human assembly line.

The huge turnout was a surprise to Pioneer Library System’s Executive Director, Lisa Wells:

“”We knew we were going to move the books across the park and let the community participate and sort of closing an era of the library on Webster street and opening a new era on acres.” Said Wells, “”When you started seeing the line forming your heart just gets happy and you just think this is going to happen and you know how special for the community to participate in that way.”

A big goal in the relocation process was to get the community involved in honoring the old and bringing in the new. A huge success with how many people showed up to help.

“I think it’s a time where you’re sort of looking back but also looking forward.” Wells stated.

Now the library is one shelf closer to their grand opening which will kick off with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a chance for visitors to finally tour the new facility.

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