Tornado Clean-up in Dallas is Underway

The clean-up is underway in parts of Dallas after a powerful weekend tornado knocked out power and caused severe damage. There are streets that are still impassable until large trees can be removed.

Joe Echols showed us where he hid with his son minutes after getting word of a tornado warning. His home is behind the Home Depot hit by the tornado and, fortunately, his 67-year-old house, which was the tornado’s next target, had a basement.

“As it got more violent, I was really concerned that this was going to start collapsing,” says Echols. The room he was in upstairs did collapse and his home was destroyed.

Nancy Schmitz was lucky her nearby home escaped major damage, but is still dealing with a lot to clean up.

“I’m not sure if insurance is going to cover it, so obviously I have to take care of it myself,” says Schmitz.

It’s the second severe storm to rock this neighborhood this year and Schmitz is still traumatized by what she experienced.

“It was so loud,” says Schmitz. “I mean, I’m reliving it right now, it was horrible. Yeah it’s uh, going through it twice in four months.”

That storm was one of three tornadoes to hit the DFW area. No one was seriously injured.

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