Sooner Schooner Takes a Tumble vs West Virginia

If you were watching Sooner football on Saturday, you probably know the most memorable moment was not OU’s victory over West Virginia. Instead, it was the moment that followed the Sooner’s fourth touchdown in the second quarter.

As the horses galloped onto the field to do their routine lap after OU’s Touchdown making it 28-14, the Schooner took a little too sharp of a turn, and tipped over.

This threw the Ruf/Nek and Lil’ Sis to the ground. There was also another guy in the back of the wagon with a camera. No one was injured in the incident.

OU released a statement soon after, saying they believe the spill was due to uneven weight distribution.

The top of the wagon was completely displaced from the axle and wheels. It was not used for the remainder of the game.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, took to Twitter to comment on the spill, saying in part that “Exploiting animals for sports is unnecessary and dangerous” and OU should “Keep horses off the field.”

This is the second time the Sooner Schooner has taken a fall, the last time was in 1993 vs Colorado.

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