OU’s Annual Food Drive is Looking to Top Last Years Record

The annual OU Fall Food Drive benefiting the OU Food Pantry is back today.

From now until the 25th of October, you can donate food to help those around the community in need.

Last year, OU collected 5,740 pounds of food from the drive. This year, the OU Food Pantry has a goal to beat that.

The Food Pantry is feeding up to 100 people each week. and Matt Marks who works for OU Food Pantry is excited about it:

“Im so excited to see on the sign up list, many departments around campus signing up for donation boxes, so they can help collect for us,” Says Matt. “It’s gonna be fun. Im looking forward to see what all can be brought in.”

If you have a lot to donate, you can sign up for boxes to be sent to your door for the remainder of the drive to help package all of your donations. You can do so on the Office of Leadership and Volunteerism’s website.

For any donation you have, drop them off at the OU Food Pantry, located at 1113 Elm Ave.

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