Police Presence at Movie Theatres Following Threats of a Shooting at Joker Premiere

If you went to see the premier of the new Joker movie, you may have noticed an increased police presence at the theatre.

Some movie goers may have opted to stay home last weekend instead of seeing the premier of Joker amid threats of a mass shooting.

“It actually makes me feel scared because it’s like now we have to grow up and you have to subconsciously think of it and it’s always in the back of your mind,” says OU freshman Violet Parrott.

Officials at the Fort Sill Air Force Base in Lawton Oklahoma were made aware this after online chatter pointed towards a mass shooting.

“As more generations continue, like my younger siblings, they’re gonna have to be aware of it and it’s scary,” continues Parrott.

So far, 2019 has seen over 250 mass shootings, making it the first year since 2016 where there has been on average, one shooting per day.

If you’re worried about ever finding yourself in a theatre shooting, it’s advised that you pick a seat closer to the aisle as you may be able to leave faster.

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