How No Horns Down Will Change This Year’s Red River Rivalry

A new policy in the Big 12 may change the way players react in this year’s Red Rivalry game.

Horns down: a hand signal teams often use when playing the Texas Longhorns.

After much controversy last season, Big 12’s Coordinator of Officials, Greg Burks, decided to make a change.

At this years Big 12 Media Days, Burks said players would be penalized for doing the horns down gesture if it is directed toward an opposing player- and sooner fans are not happy.

“I thought it was dumb,” says OU freshman Harrison Wilson. “I mean we’re playing football, so everyone’s going to be going at each other so they should be able to do whatever they want.”

While fans are not restricted to using the signal, one student feels it brings down the intensity of the game.

“I mean I’m going to do it regardless, so I mean I don’t mind,” says Alexandra Robbins, a junior at OU. “But at the same time, I think it brings the energy to the game, it brings a rivalry to life, and I think it’s kind of… I feel like it restricts everybody when we feel like we can’t do it.”

Whether it’s a quick touchdown celebration or a gesture towards the fans, Head Coach Lincoln Riley says his team will not be doing it.

Whether you’re cheering for the Sooners this weekend in the stands or playing on the field, the Red River Rivalry still remains one of the most prestigious match-ups in all of college football history.

OU-Texas will be held at 11:30 a.m. this Saturday in Dallas, Texas.

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