The Fight Against E-Cigarettes Grows in Norman

Vaping, e-cigarettes, and Juuls are all very popular among school-aged kids.

As Norman Public Schools (NPS) saw a rise in the usage of these devices, they wanted to start the discussion. It was a time for education, realization, and conversation.

Scott Beck, the director of student services for secondary schools for NPS, is pleased with the progress.

“Obviously it’s a complex issue that we are probably not going to have one easy answer to so we just hope it’s a continued dialogue, a continued conversation, a continued education for parents, for community members, for our students,” says Beck.

NPS does not plan to stop here.

Starting very soon they will begin educational training in Pre-K through 12th grade about the harmful effects of e-cigarettes.

On a national level, U.S. law makers called an emergency hearing looking into the mysterious lung disease that has sickened more and more people.

After a ninth person dead and 530 people with a case of lung injuries likely related to e-cigarettes, lawmakers and parents are calling for action.

The CDC has told people to just not do it, but one mother named Ruby Johnson does not believe this is enough.

Ruby Johnson’s daughter suffered from pain after vaping and plans to fight for other children to not be targeted by these big e-cigarette companies.

“If this were Romain lettuce, the shelves would be empty,” says Johnson. “We desperately need our legislatures to help us by banning the flavors that have drawn in the youth like my daughter, including mint and menthol.”

Right now, we do not know the long term effects of using these products , but it is highly encouraged to stay away from them for now.

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