Insight on living with medical marijuana cardholders

With the growing popularity of medical marijuana many students are becoming card holding patients.

While students living on campus can’t possess marijuana due to federal laws, those who live off campus may have to make some adjustments.  

Sierra Kihega is a senior art student who has a medical marijuana cardholding roommate. She says that while she has had to make some changes, it’s worth it if her roommate is able to properly medicate.

“I really don’t care that she smokes and it really doesn’t affect me in any way, but usually I spend a lot more time away from the apartment because I know that she’s there quite a lot, and it doesn’t bother me to be around, but I find that I get more done when I’m in an environment outside of my home.” –  Sierra Kihega

The University of Oklahoma maintains a strict policy regarding marijuana on campus.

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