Schools Threatened Across Oklahoma

Multiple schools across Oklahoma are receiving threats.

Boulevard Academy in Edmond went on lock-down after someone called the police from inside the school, telling them he had a weapon and intended to use it on a student.

Three other schools in the area were placed on modified lock-down until the area was deemed safe. After they arrived, police determined there was no threat inside the building.

Del Crest Middle School in Del City also took extra security measures today after a parent reported a possible student threat toward the school.

Furthermore, Yukon Public Schools are closed today after social media threats forced them to shut down the district.

Police, state and federal investigators looked into the social media threat there, and two students from the district are now in police custody.

The Yukon superintendent and police say two suspects are being charged with terrorist threat by hoax for threats they made on social media. District officials were notified of the threats through screenshots a parent sent to the Oklahoma School Security Institute yesterday.

Three people were brought in for questioning, but only two were found to be involved.
“We have filed charges on two individuals,” says Yukon PD Police Chief John Corn. “They are currently being processed in District Court at the Juvenile Justice Center.”

The FBI and OSBI aided in the district’s investigation.

No motive or weapons were found but the multitude of the threats were enough for the district to cancel school.

“We were just not willing to put the safety of our students at risk for any reason,” says Yukon Public Schools Superintendent Jason Simeroth. “And in consultation with the police department and my staff, we just deemed that it was best today to cancel school. And by then it would also give the police department the flexibility to do what they needed to do without any outside distractions.”

District officials are currently gathering online resources to help parents and students have discussions surrounding online threats.

Both juvenile suspects are being detained until they see the district judge in the coming days.

In the meantime, Yukon administers are welcoming all students back tomorrow with open arms and are ready to move forward.

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