Norman Farmers Market Helping to Combat Obesity

Oklahoma is ranked 3rd in the nation for obesity, and we have to combat the problem.

That is what the farmers market is hoping to do. Every Saturday until the last one of October, people are encouraged to come out and buy fruits, vegetables, find healthy recipes and find a way to combat obesity.

Connie Thomason and her husband have been around this farmer’s market together for fifteen years.

According to My Plate, the government’s idea for a balanced meal is that half of the plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables, and Thomason couldn’t agree more.

“The fresh produce is so much better for you-fruits and vegetables-and that’s no secret,” says Thomason.

According to Donna Tall Bear, an expert on training and keeping the human body healthy, everyone should incorporate fruits and vegetables into your daily eating routine.

“Oh my gosh, that is what our bodies need to flourish,” says Tall Bear. “It provides us with fiber, we know especially with obesity that is what helps us feel full.”

While obesity is a disease that is hard to fight, the farmers market in Norman is hoping to make an accessible start

“I think it is providing other options for people to access healthy foods, fresh fruits and vegetables,” says Tall Bear.

So if you are not busy on a Saturday morning, go to the farmers market!

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