How Norman and OU Police Departments Are Working to Prevent Shootings

Nearly 300 mass shootings have occurred this year.

OU Nightly’s Abby Foster sat down with city and university police to find out what policies police departments have enacted to keep our community safe.

“The focus from a law enforcement perspective is really stopping the danger,” says Captain Brent Barbour of the Norman Police Department.

Despite being two different police departments, Norman and OUPD work together to keep the Norman community safe.

“We actually do our training together,” says Captain Barbour. “Some of our teams are combined so our bomb squad, hazardous devices teams… Some of our I-Team training our collision reconstruction team, our negotiators, our squad elements… Those are all combined teams so we actually have members from both departments on.”

OUPD is a full police department, so they receive the same training as many other departments across the country.

“We prepare for active shooters by equipping our officers and arming our officers to the best we are capable of, as well as training OUPD,” says Major Bruce Chan of OUPD.

In 2016, an incident occurred on the campus of Ohio State University. A campus police officer was in the direct area of the incident and was able to respond immediately. This is OUPD’s goal if there were to be a situation on OU’s campus.

“We have officers 24/7 out and about on campus so there is a very good chance that we would be in a similar position,” says Major Chan.

When it comes to something this serious, if you see something say something. A phone call to police could prevent a shooting and deaths.

“The most important thing is to communicate with us ahead of time when people have concerns, particularly about somebody’s behavior or statements that have been made, so that we can intervene ahead of time and try to prevent a shooting situation, as opposed to having to react to it once its already taken place,” says Major Chan, OUPD.

To report an emergency, call 911. To make a non-emergency report, call (405) 325-1717.

The OUPD is located on Monitor Avenue and Norman PD is located on Gray Street.

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