Cross Restaurants Closing May Result in Legal Action Against OU

The Cross restaurants opened up around a year ago; now, Cross Village has become a ghost town after closing in July.

“They didn’t really tell us much,” says Cross resident Andrew Herubin. “We just kind of walked outside and saw they were all closed, and it was a little unfortunate because that was one of the best things about living here was having all the access to all the food right there.”

The university recruited students to live at Cross with the promise of fresh and local dining options right in the same building students would live at.

Now, those options are gone.

“I loved the Cross restaurants last year,” says Cross resident Brynlee Duty. “And I was excited just, like, cause I’m in Building A, so I would’ve just had to walk down the stairs… and now I have to walk across campus.”

OU released a statement July 31st announcing they would not renew the commercial and parking spaces lease at Cross, saying they want to ensure the university uses its resources prudently.

However, for students like Duty living in the on-campus apartments, “It made me feel like really like kind of bombarded because I paid for a meal plan and then like all of the easily accessible, good food is just gone.”

It’s unclear whether the Cross restaurants will reopen their doors. Students do now have the option of Cate’s restaurants, which reopened at the start of this semester after closing last year

Students who worked at Cross restaurants tell OU Nightly that some of them have been re-assigned to Cate. Employees say they had just a couple of days notice before being assigned to their new restaurants.

Moreover, the University of Oklahoma could face legal action from Cross bondholders after the university’s decision to not renew its contract for the Cross Village commercial and parking leases.

The law firm representing the trustee for the $250 million housing complex wrote a letter to the university, saying it assured investors it would continue to lease the properties for the duration of the bonds, calling the university’s actions “a major blemish on the state of Oklahoma.”

The letter also says “You cannot trust and should not do business with or buy bonds of the University or the state of Oklahoma.”

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