Resolution on the Horizon for OU Parking Issues

OU Parking Services feels they have found a solution to the limited parking that frustrates many commuting students.

“We are building two new commuter parking lots right now they’ll open in the spring semester,” Kris Glenn says. “One is right across the street from the Jenkins garage at Headington hall and there will be almost 150 spaces added there. They will be commuter.”

The need for parking comes after another large Freshman class at the university caused a commuter level to become a housing level.

If you arrive after 9am at the Elm, Asp, or Jenkins parking garages, chances are you will not find a commuter parking spot. And at peak parking time, the garage is always full.

“Then just south of Sarkeys energy center will be over 200 spaces and that’ll be commuter parking spaces.”The asp parking garage is a popular place to park for commuters,” says Kris.

The new commuter parking lots plan to open sometime in the spring of 2020.

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