Former dean leaks secret recordings

OU Professor Suzette Grillot released recordings today with former University President David Boren and current Regent Renzi Stone.

The audio confirms the lack of preparation following Boren’s retirement in 2018, and a lack of trust in current Provost Kyle Harper.

“I remember you were on the search committee for Kyle. I sort of tried to really push that so hard, probably would not have happened.  So, that would not be my choice to see what would happen out of this. ” – former University President David Boren


“There is a lack of trust and its sewn by David and how he’s governed for the last 23 years and you’re right about that. I know that because your search. I was appointed to that search committee and you know what I was instructed.  We’re looking for someone who looks a lot like Kyle Harper. That’s not the search we’re running. In fact, it’s the opposite of what were running, I used that as an example with the Regents. I said that’s not I’m not going to be a part of something that.” – current Regent Renzi Stone

These recordings show why Joseph Harroz was chosen over Harper for interim president in an attempt to appease the student body, after many students expressed their concerns.

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