Sooner Football Back For Another Week

After the season opener last Sunday, the Sooners are gearing up for another game in the Palace on the Prairie versus the South Dakota Coyotes this Saturday.

Even after making a historic debut last weekend, Jalen Hurts is not yet satisfied.

Along with Hurts, leader of the defense, Kenneth Murray was left unsatisfied after last week’s game as well.

After the hiring of new defensive coordinator, Alex Grinch, the Sooner defense revamp has been highly anticipated by Sooner fans and players alike. However, Murray feels the defense still has much work to do as the season progresses.

Murray feels the team needs more stability on the defensive side of the ball.

At a press conference after the game, Murray said “I’m looking for us to play consistently. Consistently dominant really. That’s the thing, you know, Sunday, we came out and we were up and down. I feel like we weren’t as consistent as we need to be.”


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