Oklahoma Task Force One Deployed to Florida

It’s a waiting game for everyone along the Southern Atlantic coast, including Oklahoma Task Force One.

Members of the team, along with other first responders have traveled to Florida in order to help the states first responders and are in position, waiting for Dorian’s arrival.

The task force encamped near Orlando, specializes in swift water rescues and body recovery.

With 70 members total plus seven k-9s, The team is prepared for the worst as they wait for hurricane Dorian to hit land fall in Florida.

“We don’t know how far dorian is going to make it to the coast– all these different tracks have dorian going different directions– so it is really going to depend on how close dorian to gets to making landfall in florida. But– what we can expect is storm surge, flood waters then depending on how close it gets we could deal with heavy rainfall and moderate wind damage.” Said Tyler Adamek from the Oklahoma Task Force One

Oklahoma’s Task Force One will remain in the hurricane zone as long as needed. 

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