OG&E Crews Head to North Carolina for Potential Hurricane Power Outages

Several Oklahoma crews with OG&E are making their way to North Carolina to assist potential power outages due to Hurricane Dorian. OG&E finds themselves in a familiar position- around this time last year, the crew was headed in the same direction for Hurricane Florence.

Thirty eight trucks with 64 line crew members sent out towards Raleigh this morning as a helping hand to those affected by the storm.

OG&E spokesperson says power outages are the same no matter what causes it, and their crew has the experience they need to help.

“We are able to, you know, use those scales and help our other friends and other states when they’re in trouble just like when we have,” says Gayle Maxwell, OG&E Spokesperson. “When we reach out, they’ll come help us.”

The team plans to make it to Tennessee by tonight and to their final destination in North Carolina by tomorrow.

Other energy companies will be meeting them there with assistance.

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