3rd Base Restaurant & Bar Soft Opening

Today marks the one week anniversary since former Kong’s Bar & Tavern reopened as restaurant and bar, 3rd Base.

“We just wanted to do something a little bit different than Kong’s, as far as that goes,” says Jim Rider, 3rd Base’s General Manager. “We still have the DJ’s and the club atmosphere on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. We just wanted to enhance that a little bit more and add some different opportunities.”

Unlike nightclub Kong’s, the brand new management at 3rd Base wants the brand to have the reputation of a social club rather than a bar.

During the day, it’s a spot for a quick meal. On the weekends, 3rd Base will continue to serve shareable snacks alongside drinks at night.

Taking the upscale sports club theme from California, 3rd Base wants to attract Sooners to the business with a new made-fresh-to-order menu and NFL watch parties, while still keeping the night crowd on the weekends.

You can find 3rd Base on Buchanan Avenue, open everyday except Mondays.



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