City of Altus Meets with Lawmakers in DC

Aside from writing bills and attending legislative meetings, lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been especially busy as of late as they meet groups from across the country.

As spring blooms in D.C., people from all over the nation come to Capitol Hill to talk to their lawmakers. Among those visiting is a group from the city of Altus, Oklahoma.
The group meets with Pentagon leaders and Congress to maintain their relationships and protect one of the areas largest employers – Altus Air Force Base.

“Altus is always a good group to visit with,” says Senator James Lankford. “They come in with a very large group… there will be over a hundred. People at the Altus Quail Breakfast– it’s been a longstanding multi-decade tradition that the community in Altus comes up to D.C., has a breakfast with Air Force leadership, and with military leadership from the Pentagon.”

When people come to the Hill, they usually are pushing for legislation; Altus did the exact opposite.

“What was actually interesting is Altus really came to say, ‘We’re here to say thank you’,” says Lankford. “There is a lot that’s happened at Altus Air Force Base, the KC-46 just came. The aircraft is starting to come more frequently now.”

With some federal money being diverted from military projects to help fund President Trump’s proposed border wall, some Altus city leaders were concerned their neighboring air base might be affected. But the state’s junior senator says everything is fine.

“No changes on that,” says Lankford. “Everything is still on track and everything is still at the exact same pace.”

As a thanks and reminder of their little base, Altus presented Senator Lankford a model of the KC-46 plane, that will stay in the senator’s office on the Hill.

For more on what the Oklahoma delegation is up to in Washington, keep checking for more stories from Gaylord News or follow them on Twitter at Gaylord News.

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